Friday, February 09, 2018

Kasich Lt. Gov. sidekick, Mary Taylor, crucified herself at Ohio GOP endorsement meeting

Little leaguers have a favorite shoutout when they are hammering the opposing team's pitcher: "Stick a fork in him, he's done."

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor in the ceremonial 
Cabinet Room at the Ohio Statehouse
Based on reports of smack talk Friday by Ohio Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor about why she will not support Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine if the Ohio Republican Party endorses him for governor this year, the same infield chatter could apply to her.

Mary Taylor is a CPA, which based on her time in public office could also stand for "career politician accomplished." By following the pathetic path her cranky outbound boss Gov. John Kasich took on being anti-Donald Trump, Taylor burnt her bridge bigly today when she verbally assaulted Mike DeWine, another "CPA" running for governor after serving as attorney general for the last eight years.

Taylor sealed her fate with fellow state GOPers as a loser by refusing to support the party's pick to run against Democrats this fall, just like her petulant boss Kasich has done with national GOPers by being the reliable dancing bear who berates Trump. Taylor has tried to distance herself from Kasich without success. She has been endorsed by Ken Blackwell, a former Republican secretary of state who got clobbered by nearly 2-1 in 2006 by Democratic governor Ted Strickland.

When she bad-mouthed DeWine in Columbus, by extension, she also trash-talked his running mate, two-term Secretary of State Jon Husted.
"My opponent is a creature of that Establishment," she said. "A shill for the entrenched special interests and lobbyists who stalk the halls of the statehouse looking for a handout. He’s (DeWine) a career politician who has been on the state ballot in each of the last five decades, and has a liberal voting record as long as the line of babies he has kissed and hands he has shook."
As if that wasn't enough gutter talk, the former Ohio House of Representative member who survived the drubbing Republican's took in 2006 when Democrats surfed the "Coingate" scandal to victories for governor and other statewide seats except auditor, the scorned woman didn't hold back.
"After 42 years on the public dole, he is soft on protecting your Second Amendment rights, soft on getting conservative judges appointed, and soft on immigration. His entire campaign has been built on an air of inevitability. A false belief that it is his turn, and his team has worked hard to make you believe the same."
She called the Republican leadership present in Columbus today, "Mike DeWine’s living room."
The kicker that pretty much seals her fate as a soon-to-be disgruntled sore loser, "I’m not asking for your endorsement here today. With all of the good old boy bullying and backroom deals that have been struck to get us here...I’m not sure I even want it."
Insiders who have spoken with me in confidence consider Taylor a lazy officeholder. After her tirade today, she just qualified as a personal non grata.

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